If you only had 48 hours to live, how would you live it?

Inspirational Speaker and Life Coach

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Inspiring and encouraging people to experience true life fulfillment through entrepreneurship and continues self-development.


We intend to equipped aspiring individuals with entrepreneurial tools that will enable many to not only live a truly fulfilled life, but to live a life they genuinely desire to live.

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A Living Testimony

As of June 1, 2021, Shashonee is proof of God’s amazing healing powers. He is dedicated to sharing his testimony and inspiring others to live and enjoy life to the fullest measure. Currently working as a life coach, he instills hope in single mothers to pursue their dreams by helping them create the life they desire to have for their family.

Hi! My name is Shashonee

Inspiring Women To Live And Fight For Greatness

Legendary Freedom is owned by Shashonee L. Sales. Offering Inspirational Speaking and Life Coaching for single millennial mothers who have children who previously had, or are currently battling cancer. Through his speaking and writing, he seeks to build a world where dreams are achievable for single mothers who desire an extraordinary life.Get more information on Shashonee’s Coaching Program here:

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