Who is Legendary Freedom?

How We Started

Legendary Freedom was founded in January 2021 by multi-disciplined entrepreneur Shashonee L. Sales. Guided by our three foundational pillars of success—INTEGRITY, HONESTY, and PERSEVERANCE—we aim to help aspiring entrepreneurs and struggling business owners achieve financial independence by transitioning into the digital economy.

Our Focus

We equip our clients with the mental attitude and skills needed to achieve outstanding results. We know the challenges of running a start-up company, and we know how to overcome them. Building a long-term, successful business requires determination, a clear direction, and a focused mind to achieve optimum success. Our focus is on helping each individual triumph in their respective businesses; providing tailored solutions that eliminate the stress of trial and error that so often comes with “going it alone.” Legendary Freedom guides each client toward new horizons, whether you are starting a new business, or transitioning into the digital economy with your existing business.

Legendary Freedom’s unique courses guide existing business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs alike, teaching you how to establish, grow, and scale a long-term digital business. Using each client’s personal strengths, we help you discover where your focus should be within your business: which platforms will be most cost-effective and how utilizing a simple organic marketing strategy (zero paid ads) can target your ideal audience. 

Our courses are personally facilitated by Certified Professional Affiliate Marketer Shashonee L. Sales, who has a proven background in the digital economy. He also brings decades of real-world entrepreneurial experience to the table, having started his first cattle operation at just 16 years old and now operating a 400-acre cattle ranch. Over the course of his career in business, he has learned how to leverage the digital economy, and has crafted a unique three-phase method to empower the business owners of the future toward self-sufficiency and success as they transition from traditional brick-and-mortar businesses into a scalable digital economy.

How We Can Help

What We Strive For

Our “WHY” is to help our clients acquire a legendary life and achieve the results you truly desire. We at Legendary Freedom aim to help aspiring entrepreneurs and struggling business owners identify their personal areas of opportunity within the digital economy. We strive to elevate our clients by teaching you the necessary skills to start up and establish a long-term profitable business, and by helping you develop the resilient mindset to persevere through struggles and challenges that come with owning a business. 

Our unique courses cater to both the inexperienced and experienced! If you are not “technologically savvy” that is okay. Our program will walk you step by step through the process of establishing and optimizing your business. Our main objective is to exceed the results you are currently aiming for; overdelivering in value each and every time!

Meet the CEO

My name is Shahonee L. Sales, CEO, and Founder of Legendary Freedom. I have always been passionate about helping the blue-collar community create OPTIONS for themselves and experience life without limitations. This is why I am excited you have discovered Legendary Freedom and our team of talented experts ready to work with you to grow your business and expand your knowledge and skill sets.

I worked for years in the blue-collar sector, working “nine to five” jobs and struggling from paycheck to paycheck. After losing my job security in March of 2020, during the early rise of a global pandemic, I took a long, hard look at how I could get more out of life and business. I asked myself the question– “what are successful people doing that I am not doing?” I wanted to live a legendary kind of life, no longer settling for the limitations placed upon me by the traditional workforce and systems. Drawing from the lessons of early visionaries like Tony Robbins, Les Brown, Bill Gates, and Jeff Lerner, I began applying their principles and philosophies of these successful individuals to the world of future opportunity: the digital economy. 

Even with the unpredictable business experiences that came along with operating in unprecedented times, I never allowed setbacks to keep me down. I believe in living a life of financial security and abundance, where I and others have options to live on our terms without having to ask for permission. I chose to find a way to create the Legendary Freedom I wanted for my life and the lives of others, because as Warren Buffett says, “The best investment a person can make is in themselves.”

Shahonee L. Sales
CEO & Founder