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Gaining Clarity on Your Business Journey, Business Statement, 40,000 Foot View, and Your Unique Position. The main focus of this course segment is to:
  1. Gain clarity about your target market, and the direction you will need to go in your business.
  2. Ensure your business will be in line with your vision.
  3. Identify your one unique solution.
To chase true success, you have to pick a direction. One important way you can do that is by identifying an unsolved problem, and providing its solution to the market. This course segment allows you to find that path, as well as identify how you are branding yourself to the public so you can position yourself uniquely in the market. The 40,000 Foot View focuses on filtering the brainstorm of ideas you have into ONE that is your most crucial to focus on initially so you can develop a high ticket solution for your ideal market. Your unique position in the market is critical to establishing yourself as an authority/influence in your niche, so we will teach you how to build your business and how to position yourself in a way that makes you stand alone amongst your leading competitors.
Deep Dive Analysis Before you begin creating your product we encourage you to do what we like to call a “Deep Dive Analysis.” This allows you to assess what your future clients’ experience with you and your business will be. From start to finish, looking at the solution you will be providing them, how you will receive feedback (including criticism), and how you can better serve your clients. This Deep Dive is imperative for you to adapt to change and create a solid foundation in your business; because times will change, and your business must not fail to change with the times.
Creating Your Product or Service, Pricing Your Product After gaining clarity about what your passion, direction, and the unique solution you want to provide your market, it is time to create a tangible product. You can develop an eBook, PDF, step-by-step course, a structured video curriculum, or even offer services with a subscription plan. In Week 1, we focus on positioning yourself to be unique in your market. This segment will help you craft the one unique solution that will make you stand out, regardless of pricing, amongst your leading competitors who offer similar products or services.
Title Module Description
Crafting your Unique Message Copywriting We will teach you effective copywriting skills that will help you powerfully market your unique offerings to the world. While we want to maximize your position in the market by crafting your identity in the market and identifying the one unique solution that you will offer, we also need to make sure that you are 100% equipped when presenting both. Creating compelling and irresistible messaging is the lifeline to your business. The difference between a business that suffers and a business that soars in the digital marketplace can often come down to your ability to sell your solutions with clear and enticing messaging.
Crafting an Effective Marketing Funnel Copywriting alone is not enough to promote your unique solution in the market. It is equally important to position that copy correctly in the digital space by targeting the right audience, building the right funnels, and having the right marketing strategy. If the copy is your salt, digital marketing is your pepper, and to create something your clients will truly savor you need both. This is the course segment where we really get cooking.
Organic Marketing Approach There are several programs and courses out there in the market that teach you various forms of “paid marketing strategies.” Here at Legendary Freedom, we will teach you the right digital marketing strategy that is:
  1. Budget-friendly without sacrificing quality
  2. Consistently producing high qualifying leads (zero ad spend required)
  3. Optimization to improve your conversions
We teach you the simple organic lead generation strategy that ensures you will secure high-quality leads. And to ensure you are 100% crystal clear on who your target audience is, we will teach you how to create pre-screening qualifiers for your ideal client. This allows you to consistently acquire high-quality leads who are looking for your unique solution.
Establishing an LLC, Tax and Accounting Firm, Copyrights and Patents (To protect your assets) Establishing an LLC is critical for any business, but especially a digital business because there are MAJOR tax breaks among many other benefits you will receive. This segment is where you will be given step-by-step instructions for establishing an LLC. Our recommended tax and accounting firm that specifically works with E-Commerce businesses will guide you and cover the legal aspects of establishing your business. Through them you will also receive discounts, as well as in-depth business planning. Although you may have an LLC established, our recommended tax and accounting firm will work with you directly to ensure you take the necessary steps to protect your newly created digital assets. Their primary goal is to ensure you receive all of the perks and business benefits you are entitled to. (if you have an LLC established, depending on where you are, we will discuss your next action steps)
Title Module Description
Enroll Your 1st Client At the center of our unique approach to presenting our services is a focus on better serving our clients, rather than simply selling them something. This is because we know your products and services will sell themselves once you effectively communicate how you have the one unique solution your clients have been looking for.

This concept is important to keep in mind when you are consulting with your potential clients. We will teach you how to present your solution to your clients directly, so they realize you have what they need, without having to be sold.
Get On the Court, Prep to Scale, and Delegate Tasks This final segment will focus on teaching you how to delegate certain roles, and expose you to scalable opportunities. To scale your business there are certain pieces that have to be in place, such as building a team of like-minded individuals who can support the same vision and do what is necessary to achieve the desired outcome.

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