Copywriting 101

Course Overview

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Building Your Foundation We will focus on the foundation of copywriting, starting from its usage in all aspects of the business, down to the reason why people buy a certain product. This 3-part phase will teach you the most important part of copywriting, the types of audiences you need to focus on, and how you can craft irresistible messaging to effectively communicate your necessity and value to those audiences.
Title Module Description
How To Write Your Copy You will be surprised how easy it is to learn the commonly used formulas that produce compelling copy. As the saying goes, you do not have to reinvent the wheel. In this 5-part phase, you are going to learn and use the formulas used for copywriting, discovering how each of them is applicable to different types of audiences. As an added bonus, you will be provided with plenty of templates you can use to write your copy and sound like a pro.
Title Module Description
Selling your Copy Writing copy is immensely valuable, but only if you do something with it! The digital economy is a booming industry and every business aims to generate sales. Before marketing and selling happen, one should be able to hire a great copywriter who will create a compelling copy for the business. This is what makes copywriting an in-demand job in the digital age.

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